Save Latin Village ®

15 September 2021, The Guardian

The Guardian view on cities: develop with care

7 September 2021, Haringey Community Press

Progress made in community bid for Latin Village

2 September 2021, Eater London

A Taste of Home. For one campaigner, saving Tottenham’s Latin Village was about more than gentrification. It was about preserving a sanctuary.

1 September 2021, Eater London

A 15-Year Fight to Save London’s Latin Village Came to an End. And the Community Won

26 August 2021, BBC News Mundo

Seven Sisters, el pequeño mercado latino de Londres que le ganó una batalla de 17 años a una poderosa inmobiliaria

11 August 2021, ITV News

Plans scrapped for 190 flats on UK’s only surviving Latin Quarter

16 August 2021, Architects Journal

PTE’s long-running plan to build over Tottenham’s Latin Village is ditched

19 August 2021, The Guardian

A community in the heart of Tottenham has shown how to fight the developers – and win

24 August 2021, El Pais

La batalla por la supervivencia del mercado latino de Londres

9 August 2021, Haringey Community Press

Developer scraps Latin Village plans citing ‘significant delays’

9 August 2021, Express News TV

Community triumph over Grainger who gave up his plans to demolish Wards Corner

13 July 2021, Enfield Independent

Haringey Council backs plan to save Seven Sisters market

21st August 2020, Latino Rebels USA

In London, Community Fights to Save ‘Latin Village’ Amid Gentrification, Pandemic Lockdown

16th March 2020 – BBC One

Inside Out

7th February 2020 – The Washington Post

A Latinx New Yorker feels at home in a Latinx community searching for its identity in London

5th Feb 2020 – The Guardian

A battle for Labour’s future is playing out far from its former northern heartlands

30th Jan 2020 – Huck Mag

The fight to save Latin Village is a fight for London’s soul

30th Jan 2020 – Galdem

When bailiffs arrived at Latin Village, the community stood up

29th Jan 2020 – BBC and Hansard

David Lammy MP Wards Corner Adjournment Debate at the Houses of Parliament

29th Jan 2020 – Novara Media

The Race Against Time to Save London’s Latin Village

27th Jan 2020 – London Eater

Bailiffs Post Eviction Notices at Latin Village After Haringey Council Rejects Scrutiny Report

22nd Jan 2020 – Enfield Independent

Market traders slam Haringey councillors over regen scheme

11th Dec 2019 – New Statesmen

Latin Americans are one of the UK’s fastest-growing groups. So why aren’t they recognised?

7th Dec 2019 – Evening Standard

North London’s Latin Village is a little slice of South America hidden away in Tottenham

18th Oct 2019

La lucha para salvar el Mercado Latino de Londres llega al Alto Tribunal de Justicia

30th Oct 2019 – Press TV

Latin Village protests continue

29th Oct 2019 – Real Media – Sputnik Mundo

Latin Village – Haringey Council v The Community

27th Oct 2019 – Al Jazeera

Can London’s Latin Village survive ‘redevelopment’ scheme?

25th Oct 2019 – Gal Dem

The fight to Save Latin Village has reached David and Goliath heights

16th Oct 2019 – Tottenham & Wood Green Independent

Haringey Council criticised in regeneration inquiry

12th Oct 2019 – Independent

Closing Tottenham’s ‘Latin Village’ market is essentially social cleansing – it must be stopped

11th Oct 2019 – The New Statesmen

Why is the first Corbyn council siding with developers against local market traders?

8th Oct 2019 – Rights Info

Latin Village Demolition: ‘Government Misunderstood Impact On Traders’

12th June 2019 – Human Rights News

‘We’re Being Displaced’: When Is Gentrification A Human Rights Issue?

6th May 2019 – The Times

Seven Sisters market traders want to do it for themselves

24th April 2019 – Corporate Watch

Quarterbridge-MAM: Meet the companies waging a ‘f***ing war’ on local markets

12th April 2019 – Metro News

UK’s last Latin village gets support from UN campaigners

11th April 2019 – ITV News

Televised News at 10pm

10th April 2019 – Evening Standard

Final bid to stop demolition of Latino market at Seven Sisters

3rd April 2019 – Corporate Watch

Grainger: The corporate landlord cashing in on the housing crisis

15th April 2019 – Minority Rights Group International

Compulsory Purchase Order against north London market threatens a vital cultural space for London’s Latin American community, says MRG

26th March 2019 – United Nations

Plans to redevelop UK’s Seven Sisters market pose human rights threat, say UN experts

2nd March 2019 – Tottenham Community Press

Traders’ anger at ‘uneven fight’ Latin village reps ask council to put the brakes on Wards Corner development

1st March 2019 – New Economics Foundation

Markets regenerated out of existence Haringey Council should take a new approach to their local community and Save Latin Village market

22nd February 2019 – Enfield Independent

Call to halt Haringey Latin market demolition

20th February 2019 – The New Statesmen

How a Latin American market became the battleground for Corbynism’s soul

18th February 2019 – Metro News

Race against clock to save UK’s last Latin American market

10th October 2018 -The Guardian

How would Corbynism work in government? Here’s a clue

9th October 2018 – BBC Newsnight

If this were New York, Latin Village would be subject to its own Netflix Series

21 November 2018 VICE

North London’s Beloved Latinx Market Is Under Threat From Gentrification

10th February 2018 – The Guardian

‘To close Pueblito Paisa would be a massive injustice’

1st January 2018 – New York Times

Renewal or Gentrification? London Borough Grapples With a Revamp

13th November 2017 – AfroPunk  

Princess Nokia Stopped Her Show To Denounce Gentrification in London

12th November 2017 – DAZED

Princess Nokia stopped her show to call out gentrification

27th October 2017 – The Independent  

London market demolition triggers UN investigation into area’s gentrification

26th October 2017 – Channel 4 News

Televised “United Nations intervenes in proposed regeneration of London market”

26th October 2017 – Channel 4 News

Televised interview “UN Rapporteur: Market redevelopment is ‘an issue that has global implications”

11th October 2017 – The Independent 

‘Take the Victoria Line to Colombia’: Inside London’s colourful Latin market, threatened with demolition

27th September 2017 – The Guardian  

Meet the women dancing to save London’s Latin Village

27th July 2017 – UN Press Release  

London market closure plan threatens “dynamic cultural centre” – UN rights experts

20th July 2017 – NGO Minority Rights Group International 

Compulsory purchase of Seven Sisters market vital to culture of London’s Latin American community, should not go ahead, says MRG

15th May 2017 – The Prisma

Gentrification in Seven Sisters: more than a local problem

4th May 2017 – BBC World News

Latinos who have paralysed two mega real estate projects in London

11th April 2017 – Real Media 

2nd Human Chain & Salsa/Samba Shutdown

8th April 2017 – Peter Marshall 

Human Chain at Latin Village

19th January 2017 Gal Dem

We need to recognise the Latinx community in the UK: save Pueblito Paisa

10th January 2017 – The Guardian

 No-drama garms – how men’s fashion came down to earth

8th January 2017 – Vogue

Martine Rose Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear Collection

1st November 2016 – CNN

The end of London’s Latin quarter?

21th October 2016 – VICE 

London’s Latin Americans Are Bearing the Brunt of Gentrification

5th October 2016 – – Petition against the CPO  

Save UK’s only Latin Village: Pueblito Paisa in Seven Sisters Indoor Market & Wards Corner

7th May 2016 – Screening of Seven Sisters Indoor Market Film

11th November 2008 – Tottenham & Wood Green Independent

Resignation over Wards Corner

October 2008 – BBC Inside Out

Televised feature on “United Nations of Tottenham”

5th August 2008 – Time Out

Save Tottenham’s Pueblito Paisa