Save Latin Village ®
  • To advance the enjoyment of minority rights at the Latin Village provided in Article 27 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights and Article 30 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child both of which the UK has ratified. According to a report published by Trust for London, 85 percent of the Latin American community enjoy their culture at the Latin Quarter in South London and the Latin Village in North London.
  • To raise public awareness of human rights concerns at the UK’s only Latin Village and second-largest Latin Quarter, located in Seven Sisters Indoor Market in London. Haringey Council and the Mayor of London as Chair of the Transport for London, are the public stakeholders and they were notified of the human rights concerns by the United Nations, including issues concerning discrimination, victimisation, and harassment. In 2019 the Local Borough of Haringey conducted a Wards Corner Scrutiny Review their findings cross-referenced the United Nations communications.
  • To implement the Community Plan which promotes the majority of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has planning permission. The building is owned by state-owned enterprise Transport for London.





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