Save Latin Village ®

Thank you so much for your solidarity it really means a great deal. Especially in consideration of what we are up against, namely FTSE 250 company Grainger PLC, the Goliath public authorities and their unlimited financial resources. However, we have better resources namely the community and people with drive, motivation and commitment to fight for justice, cultural diversity, and sustainable development. The community has been fighting for the Community Plan for 17 years and we are willing to take this to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary. Although we are no longer in the European Union, we are still part of the Council of Europe so this is possible.

Unfortunately, due to capacity issues, we are only inviting volunteers for these two roles until we recruit a coordinator:


Volunteer Website Designer

Significant experience preferred.


Volunteer Public Relations Officer

Significant experience preferred.


For both roles please send CV to

Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.